Ubiquitous Presenting


You can use Xslides web version from anywhere through any device due to the responsive design. Even so, it also can be used offline, since we will provide the mobile and desktop version as well (planned). Thus giving our users possibility to create and modify their presentations whenever they need on a trip, on a plane, etc.


Main concept of Xslides is "Better planning, better presentation!" which means first plan then do the rest. Our product emphasizes on the importance of planning well in advance. Divide any complicated content into subtopics and create a structure accordingly easily with Xslides. To make the preparation process quicker, you can upload images and 3D objects beforehand.


Xslides give you possibility to create interactive presentation. Manipulating 3D objects or even playing videos from online sources during the presentation is no problem. Unlike most presentation tools, you have the possibility to do complex tasks effortless like organizing slides, writing formula, creating any charts and tables.


Xslides is lightweight. Consumes low memory yet works with high speed performance. Creating Presentation with Xslides is easy. Xslides has simple, user friendly interface with natural mapping. All menus, settings necessary for creating good presentation are there.


Nowadays everything will move to cloud system, which improves accessibility greatly. But think again, are the cloud providers releable? Is there 99% guaranteed internet connection in our everyday environments? How secure it is? That's why the offline editions are higly respected and seriously considered by us. We will provide the mobile and desktop version as well (planned).